MXB Reimagined allowed us to stop, and reflect on the growth and evolution of the agency as a whole. Through extensive brand workshops, we acknowledged our legacy, whilst also looking to our future. Our team, specialisms, and client base have grown exponentially. As we worked together to define our brand positioning and offering, we quickly acknowledged inconsistencies within our current brand identity and messaging. Ultimately our brand narrative and aesthetic were no longer in sync, sparking the birth of a brand refresh.

We approached this branding project as we would any client project. From our brand workshops, we created a brand strategy and this shaped the brand refresh approach. We wanted to ensure our new identity was authentic and spoke to our current and future positioning as an agency. To ensure this focus, we placed our people, and our work at its core and built the brand from this foundation. This brand refresh was a huge undertaking that saw us redesign not only our logo but our entire visual system from typefaces to colour palettes, social implementation and website.

We simplified our brand approach, to allow a timeless, contemporary identity that would sit dominant in a global marketplace. We made the bold decision to strip colour from our brand, introducing a monochrome colour palette of black, white and grey. This decision was fuelled by our desire to have our identity present as a canvas for our people and our work. This approach allows our aesthetic to outlive trends and create sustainability. Our people and our work infuse colour and vibrancy into our brand, allowing it to continuously evolve.

With an ethos of purposeful design, we kept brand interaction in isolation of MXB front of mind. We evolved the MXB wordmark by introducing bold, uppercase letters. This change represents our maturity; we lead not follow. We softened the edges of each letter, to represent our approachability as collaborators. Our wordmark will only ever appear in black and white, representing our approach; we are authentic straight-talkers, we don’t dress things up.

MXB is a fusion of skills, backgrounds, and stories, we exist beyond the walls of our agency, and we have built a toolkit of brand assets that represent this belief. Our photographic approach captures authentic moments of fusion within our space and beyond. Our brand pattern, crafted from abstract pieces of our wordmark represents the kinetic, ever-evolving and reshaping approach of MXB.

For any creative, the task of designing a definitive identity for a brand you are emotionally connected to is incredibly challenging. This project has been a labour of love for team MXB and one that we take great pride in.