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Brand Agility for Clancy Quay

Published on 2nd August 2022

Agility is an essential ingredient for brand relevance in a rapidly changing world.

2020 was a tale of unprecedented times.  A marketing plan drafted in December 2019 was as good as redundant just 3 months later.  In lockdown the world became insular. Those living in smaller city -centre rented apartments with no outdoor space felt if acutely.   Outdoor space became a premium and in droves people sought to relocate from urban quarters to those locations with greener space and a the opportunity for enhanced wellness. So what did that mean for a brand like Clancy Quay?

In putting together the marketing strategy we had the agility to be different in those moments when it would matter most.  We recalibrated the plan, the targeting strategy and flexed the softer skills of the brand to connect with a nation in crisis.  The brand was able to lead with empathy, rather that push product, and so deepen customer trust.  We would go on to evolve the positioning to really highlight the point of difference; a village lifestyle in a city setting.  Those renter profiles who would have previously swarmed to the inner city wanted to feel renewed, experience a greater sense of wellbeing and real community and at Clancy Quay all of this was on tap.

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