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What does an award-winning PRS brand of the future look like and sound like? How do we write a new chapter of a well-loved story, and bring it to a savvy rental market in Dublin? Our vision for Clancy Quay Phase Three was borne of a simple idea. This was not about selling bricks and mortar, this was about selling an aspirational lifestyle in the heart of a busy bustling city. A lifestyle created by a space that combines modernity and heritage. Ultra-modern amenties and friendly convenient management services. Long park strolls and short commutes to work. A space that promises luxury living just 3km from the city centre. A plan was needed to connect and convert those ready to embrace a new kind of urban lifestyle. Clancy Quay style.

With Clancy Quay Phase Three, we knew we needed to build our campaign on strong brand foundations.
We learned that although there was an existing brand identity, we had some work to do to create a holisitic brand experience to match the experience and aesthetic of the space itself.

UNLOCKING THE TRUE COLOURS On first visit to Clancy Quay, you’re struck by the mix of textures, tones and colours across the stunning architecture, blending heritage and modernity. So it was important that our choice of colour complements and reflects this. To this end we selected a colour pallette that pulls from the visual aesthetic of the architecture and spaces within, from original stonework to modern render. All named after the areas that inspired them.

Extraordinary results come from application of insight, from knowing the brand intimately. From capturing a level of knowledge and understanding that informs every choice we go on to make. Understanding the audience (who we quickly baptised as ‘The Clancys’) and what motivates them formed the backbone of every piece of communication and creative decision - from media choice to model choice. However sometimes immersion isn’t enough, and you have to adapt as you go. 2020 has been that kind of year.

To connect with our audiences we utilised social channels and Google Ads, focussing primarily on brand awareness for maximum pre-let potential. This was to be targeted across potential renters, corporates and relocation agencts.

The audience was defined. The strategy was set. The vision was clear. Then, with very little warning,
a global pandemic happened.

We had to adapt quickly to very changed circumstances and unprecedented challenges. Suddenly things like community and outdoor space became a premium. People’s worlds contracted quickly and we changed our tone of voice to be more community focussed and reassuring to match. We adapted our strategy to focus primarily on the traditional potential renter market and steered away from corporate targeting. As a result of the receptiveness to the target audience needs and requirements, we achieved an 82% accuracy match with the Clancy Quay target renter profile.

As the world slowly returns to a semblance of normality we’re constantly adapting our digital strategy and approach to ensure maximum engagement.

As the world changed, so too did our traditional media strategy. We utilised striking and optimal sites in close proximity to Clancy Quay, as people began to emerge from lock down we knew that we had to be big and bold and showcase a lifestyle that would captivate our audience at a time when they were ripe for conversion. Quality not quantity was a strategic decision. OOH Advertising focused on an integrated multi format approach launching simultaneously; a high impact 48 sheet within close proximity to Clancy Quay (St. Johns Road West in Dublin 8), bus rears in key areas location such as Dublin 2, 4, 8 for competitive exposure and proximity targeting and a Transvision format at Heuston Station where footfall continued to increase during the re-emergence from lock down.

Destination is key. We knew the importance of location for anyone thinking of moving home. For those that have a bias towards Dublin 2 & 4 and for those new to the city it was important to position all that Dublin 8 has to offer in a fresh and exciting way. To this end we created Clancy Quay Living, a microsite that works in tandem with the main Clancy Quay website, to immerse the audience in the area and give them a taste for how calming yet colourful life can be when parklife and streetlife seamlessly meet. Living, Clancy Quay style.

Communicating City Life and Village Lifestyle to a savvy modern audience deserved more than traditional thinking. It required out of the box innovation. Cue the ‘Clancy Quay Card’. A sustainably sourced NFC card which, when tapped on your phone, automatically takes you to the Clancy Quay brochure. A brochure in your wallet, it doesn’t get more convenient. And for pure experiential immersion we created the Clancy Quay VR kits. Printed using sustainable materials, you simply scan the QR code on the headset and immerse yourself in your pick of 3D Clancy Quay apartments from wherever you happen to be. With virtual viewing not only increasing in demand, but a necessity at times when apartment viewings may not be possible for potential renters, these VR kits allow the letting team to offer a physical virtual solution to the direct, corporate and relocation markets.

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