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Following the success of our award nominated Halloween campaign ‘Outbreak at Daybreak’, we challenged ourselves to keep the momentum going and create a bigger and better campaign for this years spookiest season!

We thought, how can we really levitate our results this time? How can we ramp up the brand presence and gain otherworldly levels of engagement? Move over Stranger Things, make way for “Dusk Till Daybreak.”

Dusk Till Daybreak meant full possession of a flagship Daybreak store (literally!). We created a series of teaser videos stylised as ‘found footage’ showing an everyday Daybreak store being haunted by paranormal activity. Terrified staff were left with no option but to call on the help of Ireland’s top paranormal investigator!

Our investigator was challenged to stay in the store from dusk till Daybreak to document any unusual activity (with the help of our Social audience of course). Our social audience were actively encouraged to get involved with multiple digital tasks. These tasks included uncovering secret codes hidden within the store leaflet, deciphering spine chilling audio messages, and auditing disturbing security footage of the store throughout the night. Engagement was rewarded with incredible prizes and shout-outs on social.

The campaign results were out of this world! Racking up 1.2 million video views, 250 thousand engagements and fast becoming Daybreak’s most successful video campaign to date (all in the space of 5 weeks).

Watch the final video below…just don’t say we didn’t warn you...

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