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Moy Park: Emotional Resonance in Testing Times

Published on 2nd August 2022

It was well acknowledged by all marketeers during lockdown that consumer trends intensified towards ‘Trusted Brands’ ‘Closer to home’ and ‘Quality’. 

Moy Park, a local, quality brand trusted by the nation, had the potential to show up in a way it had ever done before, and it did.   We would pivot wholeheartedly away from the functional focus to emotionally connect with consumers in those everyday moments when it really mattered.  And in the height of pandemic and as we emerged into a new normal, the little things mattered more than ever before.  Take a look and see how Moy Park become resonant with the Everyday Yay campaign for summer.


To learn more about How COVID-19 is changing Consumer Behaviour – now and forever, we think this is a helpful read from McKinsey.