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Here at MXB we like to think differently. So when we had the opportunity to create a Halloween campaign for client Daybreak we channelled our inner horror aficionados to create a cinematic and immersively chilling experience to rival the great George A. Romero himself.

Cue the zombie ‘Outbreak’ at Daybreak Ireland. The campaign was launched with a dramatic trailer on Facebook, featuring an everyday Daybreak staff member going about their work, only to be plunged into the horrifying frightmare of a zombie takeover. The trailer video was combined with engaging social posts where followers were amongst other things given the opportunity to choose what weapon our protagonist should use to defend himself.

This segued into an immersive 360˚ video, and a fantastic competition to win a Playstation4 and VR starter pack by spotting the number of ‘Antidotes’ hidden around the store. All the while our everyday Daybreak worker becomes a Halloween hero as he bravely tries to evade the undead.

The digital social engagement was bolstered by instore POS featuring bespoke photography of ‘real’ zombies (which made for an interesting day in the MXB photo studio!). Instore activation also included a ‘zombie selfie’ competition for extra engagement.

A final video revealed our hero’s fate. No spoilers here, watch for yourself to find out, but perhaps keep the lights on….

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