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Unlocking Treasure’s value to showcase a smarter way to store files online. Where privacy meets convenience to keep your precious things more secure.

Having worked with the Treasure team before, we were familiar with the service and our mutual commitment to outstanding quality. Treasure initially reached out to us seeking a brand-new website, integrated with their web app.

With an initial deep dive into Treasure’s technical infrastructure, we set off with the aim of crafting a website that offered flexible authoring and ease of feature scaling. In this case, we took the initial brief and helped Treasure decide on a more focused approach. Following the process of design and development meticulously we led with an initial consultation, leading to the creation of a UI and UX blueprint, and then establishing a thorough expansion and deployment.

While the implementation was tricky, through a thorough consultation and experience with a variety IT infrastructures, we were efficiently able to guide Treasure towards a more long-term architecture for their main product and website. Throughout this project, our team embedded themselves within Treasure’s capabilities so much so that we began to craft further brand elements, including a clear brand strategy, GDN's, social content and lead on their app's user experience.

In addition, we produced eye-catching video content to help audiences better understand the brands' capabilities across their social media, including storyboarding and engaging animation which we have continued to build on throughout their digital marketing campaigns.

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