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2021 will be remembered as a year when financial uncertainty caused many to re-assess their spending habits.

Our wonderful client SuperValu NI offers shoppers huge savings on hundreds of staple products every day with their enormous own brand range so 2021 would see us remind local shoppers of the great value that awaits them at SuperValu stores.

With over 600 quality-assured everyday essentials saving local shoppers up to 33% more than the better-known brand on their everyday shop, this campaign was about real value at a time when customers really needed it!

The jam-packed range showcased everything from breakfast staples, lunch fuelling flavours, family favourite dinner dishes and everyday household essentials. We captured beautifully shot video pieces of each of the range’s offering with fun pieces of consumer reactive content sprinkled throughout to amplify excitement online.

With locally loved influencers, Suzie Lee, Sister & Sons and Everything Emma we encouraged our social audiences to take the challenge of swapping to SuperValu Own Brand range resulting in taste test reveals, fresh family dinner table approved recipes and fantastic giveaways.

Reaching over 170,000 people and garnering 45,000 engagements we are certain this was just what the value seeking shopper valued most in 2021. Value is served!

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