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Social themes to be aware of in 2023

Published on 16th January 2023

At MXB, we are passionate about helping clients achieve their goals through carefully crafted digital approaches that cater to their product and audience.

The digital landscape in 2023 will continue to present with challenges though. One of the legacy themes from 2022 is data depreciation. The digital world suffered data depreciation due to a number of factors, the key one being targeting. Targeting as a result is becoming broader so brands are less able to plug in precision targeting as in previous years.  With tech giants Apple launching ATT to give consumers more control over which apps can track them, this will also make it much harder to gather data so next big theme up is investing in collecting First Party Data.

We see our clients heavily invested in giving customers more added value experiences to encourage them to sign up directly for direct contact from brand.  Start now, data acquisition will be a continuous quest.

For Brands to win in the value exchange the challenge remains to produce meaningful content and add value. For any brand worth its salt this will naturally underpin the entire social strategy.

‘Deep Engagement’ is on the rise, where platforms are now more focused on comments and saves rather than traditional likes.  The upshot of this is that social networks are fostering and promoting more meaningful connections. So we’re seeing greater stock in UGC, with platforms giving more visibility to video content in particular. Utilise short videos and find out how your brand can embrace TikTok, in a way that is authentic and of course true to your brand character.

TikTok remains a big theme for growing brand presence in 2023.  With sophisticated AI systems analysing content, high quality content is recognised and rewarded in feeds so if your brand is going to show up, Show Up!

Natural Content, the stuff that feels true, less curated, saw the proliferation of BeReal, so consider content like behind the scenes (BTS) if you want to present that raw, unfiltered access to your brand. On any social platform this resonates with audiences.

In the same vein, there is a rise in social justice movements which some brands, depending on their role in customers lives, may need to have a view on. Sometimes, to put it simply, there has to be a reaction. This can build trust amongst your customers and also is a great way to speak to your brand values in a topical and meaningful way.

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