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A Mother is a Walking Miracle

Published on 25th March 2022

This Mother’s day I wanted to celebrate and acknowledge the miracles within our team.  The Mums at MXB who wholeheartedly embrace both motherhood and their careers.  As a mum I know the challenge well, to juggle both and satisfy myself that both are getting the best of me and that everyone around me is getting the best of me.  I get so much from being really present in both spaces and I simply wouldn’t be the person I am without the challenge and continuous growth that both deliver for me in spades.

My fellow MXB mums share this passion to show up and be a brilliant light in both their role as mum and their role here at MXB.  For that, I am and always will be eternally grateful.  Their determination, dedication and pretty spectacular juggling act makes everything at MXB possible.  So this Mother’s Day, the treat for all our MXB mums was a photoshoot with Collette Creative Photography, to capture our very own miracle mums and their little ones.

Thanks MXB mums, you are a great light within our agency, my love and deepest gratitude to you all.