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Veganuary 2021 – A Trend or a Revolution?

Published on 4th February 2021

In 2020, more than 200 new vegan products were launched in the UK for Veganuary alone. We witnessed the masses turn their attention to meat-free everyday staples due to a rising consideration for health, animal welfare and sustainability. For those less willing to commit to the full month, we saw Meat-Free Mondays take off to a whole new tune.

This adaptability comes as no surprise, in fact 80% of meat eaters say consuming meat free products make them feel good and it doesn’t stop there. While the majority don’t subscribe to the notion of eliminating meat altogether, it is about reaching a sustainable yet tasty balance, hence the growth of the illusive ‘flexitarian’. This flourishing audience is showing no signs of stopping, with approximately 22 million people now describing themselves as a flexitarian.

Who’s leading the charge?

In a world where every move is under the microscope, brands must be emotionally and physically relevant to stay in the game. It’s little surprise that Gen Z consumers are demanding more brands to be in line with their values. Especially when this generation has been inundated with world issues, they are using their spending power of over £100 billion to make the change they want to see. Thank extensive news coverage, harrowing documentaries and icons like David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg for their amplifying concern on the impact of meat consumption on the environment.

What can we expect?

Currently, meat-free products are generally targeted towards young professionals who have more opportunity and enthusiasm for dipping their toes into new cuisines. However, as brands gain stronger footholds within this market, we will see a drive towards targeting both children and over 55s. This is alongside the assumption that food education will significantly be advanced by the demand of climate conscious consumption.

With the past year giving us more time and less excuses than ever, we’ve noted the surge in the everyday home styled chef. Our MXB team donned their Veganuary aprons this month resulting in watermelon steaks, sweet potato and spinach curries, vegan protein bites and more! One tip the team had? To not recreate the meals you love too soon. Try to whip up some new flavourful favourites instead of making your go-to dishes veganised! You can look to creators such as Deliciously Ella, BOSH! and So Vegan for some taste-spiration!

The Vegalution has only just begun, and it’s well beyond the fashion trend of Veganuary. Will you join?