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Rounding Up On 2021; The Only Constant is Change

Published on 24th December 2021

As the agency is rounding up client briefs and knee deep in strategy and planning for 2022, I find myself pausing, taking a moment to reflect on our journey, all that has been achieved in 2021 and how far we’ve all come.

This year started with our team WFH full-time so we were delighted to welcome everyone back to the office on a part time rotational basis during summer.  Even though it was short lived it gave us the opportunity to reconnect personally, to rediscover that spark that happens when a bunch of creatives come together.  In those precious moments we valued it that little bit more because we’d been a little starved of that in-person connection for so long.  With the growing resilience and personal climb we’ve each been on I feel we came to the table as more evolved versions of ourselves.  The fusion was different, enriched in a way.  Now as we get ready to close out this year we find our team WFH full-time again.  But we are topped up, our creative energy re-charged.

Our resocialisation has refuelled us for the journey ahead.  For me watching the team navigate so much change, find new ways of working, grappling with onboarding new colleagues and new clients remotely, shone a light on their inherent capability to grow resilience, remain focused and get the job done, no matter the challenging circumstance.  The team has been unwavering, such a show of strength navigating this year and I feel so proud of them. To my team, I am so very grateful to have each and every one of you as part of team MXB.

As a team we feel more solid than ever, and even though we’re back to working out of 30 home offices all around the country, it feels like we’re more connected than ever.  I really look forward to welcoming in the new year and everything it brings.  I send a massive thanks to the wonderful team MXB and a huge thanks to our clients who entrusted us with their briefs.

As we each get ready to bow out, client and colleague alike, I encourage each of you to take a moment to reflect, acknowledge and be proud of how this year has made us all an even stronger version of ourselves.

So for 2021 that’s a wrap.

Much love to you all.