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Behind the scenes of our Fangtastic Daybreak campaign

Published on 28th October 2022

The scariest challenge of the year, how do we Imagine Beyond the multi-award-winning ‘Daybreak the Code’ Halloween campaign of 2021 and create a howling success in 2022?  Cue the one and only industry stalwart who dreams up scare season campaign thrillers as a pastime! Yes Shay Reynolds our DCD, well… lets just say he’s not afraid to try new things.


So this year we turned the cameras on unsuspecting Daybreak staff and shoppers and we ‘werewolfed up’ the legend that is Paul, who delivered a savage performance!  No werewolves were harmed in the making of these videos.  As for humans?  You decide.


Here’s what Chris our Account Director on Daybreak has to say about our approach;


“The footage was filmed in a candid style that captured real reactions to draw our audience in. The videos were short and snappy 30 second clips, embracing the authentic style of video that platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels currently favour. We created a series of specific videos and static posts showcasing the latest Daybreak seasonal offers to add further value for customers who engaged with the campaign.  This was augmented through a takeover within the latest offers flyer as we created a series of ‘Werewolf-themed’ products which were embedded throughout the flyer. From this, we created a competition post which asked our audience to identify the new products for their chance to win prizes.


The production process involved significant planning as there is really only one way to own the season and that means going all out, we do that really well. We sourced our MUA from Game of Thrones, she spent 4 hours each morning applying makeup and prosthetics to make sure Paul’s Werewolf look was literally terrifying. Shoot day saw our team visited what felt like every Halloween outlet in Cork to turn the store into a haunted house for the Wolf Trail. To recruit people for the trail we created a series of geo-targeted dark ads calling for willing participants to take part and, on the day we recruited additional members of the public who saw the goings on and simply wanted to take part.  The results to date are frightfully fantastic, watch this space as we’ll reveal them soon.”