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International Women’s Day at MXB

Published on 7th March 2022

This International Women’s Day we’re celebrating the extraordinary women at MXB. Those who day in, day out support, uplift, guide and innovate with dedication and care. We couldn’t be more thankful as an agency to hold such wonderful talent and character.

So what does our agency have to say about such valued team players? Take a look below…

Karen – Managing Director

As the leader of MXB, you are a beacon of strength in representing women. Your generosity, rationale and empowering nature lives through every member of the team on a daily basis. I am so proud to be part of a team that heroes amazing women and sets the standard for equality, and more so, leads with this mindset. It permeates through every department and every project we embark on together. Thank you Karen on behalf of the whole team. Without you at the helm, MXB simply wouldn’t be MXB. We couldn’t achieve the lofty successes we enjoy without you pushing us to be better every day.

  • Kristam

Allie – Client Services Director

Allie is a fantastic colleague. Goes the extra mile, is reliable, conscientious and doesn’t let you down. On top of that she is good fun …a really nice lady

  • David

Johanna – Senior Account Director

Johanna, your perspective, experience and insight is always a welcome addition to the projects I am working on without you, I’m not sure I would be where I am  today. So thank you for everything, your guidance and especially your advice on being a new parent has been most invaluable.

  • Chris

Jo – Operations & Quality Manager

Jo is the woman who saw the rise of Coronavirus a mile off. She put a plan into action which kept us all safe at a pretty wild time.

Your boundless energy is famous office-wide and thank you personally for all the wee conversations we have had that have maaaaaassively helped me out!

  • Simon

Hannah – Creative

Hannah you are a woman of many many talents.  A creative superstar.  A shining sunbeam of positivity and can-do.   A team player who will go the extra mile when push comes to shove.  A maestro of illustration.  A design whizz.  A wellspring of ideas and inspiration.  A flipping good laugh.  Thanks for sharing your many talents with us.

  • Barry

Katie – Account Manager

Katie thank you for being an unbelievable help to not only myself, but everyone in MXB. You always put others needs before your own, you’re a credit to your Parish. Roll on the Crossfit Games.

  • Paddy

Gwendoyln – Accounts Assistant

Gwen, thanks for your patience and understanding (especially when I forget to bring you receipts). Your laugh brightens up the MXB office for everyone!

  • Shay

Naoise – Digital Media Manager

Well Naoise you have just been a lovely addition to the team haven’t you. You’re so very cheerful and happy and from what I read on the internet, VERY good at your job. Its what all the forums are saying. Painting walls and decorating a house while pregnant is also a badass ‘Slay gurrrrrrrl’ move. You’ll make an excellent mother.

  • Simon

Aoife – Social Content Manager

Aoife, thank you for always making time to help everyone. You are an angel! Always impressed by your level of communication on projects we’ve worked together on. Never shy away from responsibility. Bonus mention to the top tier cat content on IG.

  • David Lee

Helen – Copywriter

HEEEEELLEEEN! HELLBELLZ! You’re a pretty amazing dude! Big up those creative skillagez and rocking all those content plans (lets face it, they don’t get done without you)

  • Zach

Kerry – Social Media Executive

Kerry is such a massive asset to MXB, she has a lovely honest nature. She has guided me immensely on the accounts we work on together and its been a real learning and laughing experience working with her! She’s dedicated, hardworking and always giving 100%. Thank you, Kerry!

  • Eamon

Nicole – Digital Account Manager

Nicole Gun Kelly! It’s always a pleasure to work with you. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to MXB and more importantly all the work you do for the Party Planning Committee!

  • Fintan

Marijanna – Digital Account Executive

Marijanna, impressed with how seamlessly you have integrated yourself as an MXBer and into our Digital team! You give every task your full effort and you’re always willing to offer a helping hand to anyone who might need it!

  • David M