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MXB wins ‘Social Media Campaign of the Year’ with ‘Daybreak The Code’

Published on 8th February 2022

We are so excited to reveal our award-winning status for our spooktacular Daybreak The Code campaign!

In Halloween of 2021, we took wickedness to new heights, even winning the Digital Business Ireland Award for Social Media Campaign of the Year – it just goes to prove this was a true fright to remember!

We couldn’t be prouder of our award-winning MXB team who’s effort to build the campaign from eerie inception to creepy conclusion was a showstopping success. From our creative team expanding the concept into a big idea, our digital team crafting a strategy that fire powered our client’s brief, and our design studio excelling in bringing a vision to life, this was a campaign where everyone got involved!

This campaign commenced with Daybreak staff Paul and Maeve opening a mysterious cursed book that should have remained untouched for a millennia and finding themselves trapped at the centre of a grippingly garish ordeal complete with a laser prison and ticking time clocks.

After unleashing a nightmare of puzzles, riddles and mysteries throughout the store and social platforms, Daybreak’s social audience were encouraged to problem-solve to unlock the next level of the campaign. As the story continued to unfold, new levels and mechanics were revealed, putting our audience to the ultimate test whilst helping to save Paul and Maeve and bag otherworldly prizes.

Building upon the momentum of last year, we racked up over 2.1 million views, 8.6 million impressions and 3.5 million total plays, making it one of the biggest Daybreak campaigns so far!

Check it out here.

Shay Reynolds Digital Creative Director