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MXB Celebrates Dads

Published on 20th June 2022

This week at MXB we’ve been celebrating dads as we get ready to usher in the Father’s Day weekend. It was an absolute joy to work once more with @collettecreative to host a photoshoot for the MXB dads and dog dads and celebrate them in all their magnificence.

A few words from our MD Karen:

“Here’s to our wonderful Chris, new to fatherhood with his cherished little bundle Chloe, breathtakingly beautiful at just 6 months ago. Chris, for showing up with relentless rigour after every sleepless night whilst you learn to juggle a whole new host of demands of parenthood, the whole team thank you sincerely and I bow to you.
Here’s to our newcomer John and his adorable daughter Arya, these two just shine in each-other’s presence and it’s honestly heart-warming.

And to our host of fur-loving Dog Dads; Simon, you epitomise what is possible between one man and his dog, We are in awe. Kristam, we’ve practically built Juno a desk in studio, please bring her daily! And to David-Lee Badger, with his stunning Golden Retriever, Kobe is as cool as you and that takes some doing ✌🏻 And the gorgeous and original MXB dog-star Oscar, our French Bulldog, seen on many a teams call with Shay, this one is our leader!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our Dads and Dog Dads for totally bringing it in your many roles, MXB is blessed to have you. And a sign-off nod to our FD David Mackey, proud father to 4 grown-ups at this point, his role now extends to bestowing the wisdom of parenting on all of us daily, for which of course we are most grateful!”