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Daybreak: Disruptive Halloween Campaign Clocks Up 2.1M Views

Published on 4th May 2022

Yes this one’s very scary if you’re the competition.  In our latest award-winning instalment of our super disruptive Halloween campaign we racked up over 2.1 million views, 8.6 million impressions and 3.5 million total plays, making it one of the biggest Daybreak campaigns so far!

In 2021, we took the wickedness to new heights with our Daybreak The Code Halloween campaign. After opening a mysterious cursed book that should have remained untouched for a millennia, Daybreak staff Paul and Maeve found themselves trapped, at the centre of a grippingly garish ordeal complete with a laser prison and ticking time clocks.

Unknowingly unleashing a nightmare of puzzles, riddles and mysteries throughout the store, this pair were trapped until the brainteasers were resolved, thanks to our quick-thinking, problem-solving audience.

As the story unfolded, new levels and mechanics were revealed, putting our audience to the ultimate test whilst helping to save Paul and Maeve and bag otherworldly prizes. This chilling campaign wasn’t just an eerie effort, it was a supernatural success.

Shay Reynolds Digital Creative Director