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The Power of Happiness is Keeping It Real

Published on 29th September 2022

From succulent Sunday roast to lunchtime snacks and sandwiches, Moy Park Chicken adds happiness and quality to the lives of customers. This is joyfully captured in their brand positioning ‘Everyday Yay’, the promise of providing good food that sparks joy in those every day mealtime moments.

We would bring this to life in a TV campaign capturing those Everyday Yays and the positivity that choosing quality food from Moy Park can bring.

We know our Moy Park customers value and engage with authentic, positive content.  So when creating this TV ad we would go on to feature real families and friends, enjoying good times with great quality food.  No script, no theatre, just authentic good food experiences. Good food that delivers those Moy Park Everyday Yays.  From Sunday lunches through to Monday lunchboxes.  Now that’s something worth smiling about.