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Sailing Forth & Charting New Waters

Published on 25th June 2020

In my five years as a content creator, I’ve found that creativity can be like the ocean. Ebbing and flowing but rarely a constant. At times it can be still, almost stagnant. But suddenly a switch flips and it’s all consuming, like bolts of lightning and crashing waves in a wild and stormy sea.

We must begin to look at creativity not as a fleeting thing or a temporary blessing, but rather a method. When that lightbulb moment hits and we truly see it as a process, it becomes a habit. Habits bring sustainability, reliability, dependability. And from there on out, it’s smooth sailing.

It’s easy to find creativity with an open mind and eye. For me, it comes from books and the writing of others. It comes from online realms: blogs, editorials, Instagram. It comes from taking a walk with a camera and mindlessly snapping all things pretty. But most importantly, it comes from the mission of storytelling. A single picture gives just one opportunity to tell a story: what do we want it to say? What message should it portray? Should it be mindful, meaningful, powerful or relatable? The realms of opportunity are endless.

The world of content is a strange one in these challenging times. With coronavirus, lockdown living and racial injustice dominating the internet, online users are constantly torn between speaking out for what’s right and craving distraction from the overwhelm. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to such unique scenarios. As a content creator, my role is to use online platforms to probe reactions and discover what makes people tick online, even in such uncertain times as these.

To find a solution, I think of what I’d want to see online: comfort, reassurance and light-hearted goodness all spring to mind. Our power lies in paving a path through both the bad times and the good, resting heavy on our shoulders now more than ever. I appreciate it nonetheless; it poses a new challenge, a new spin on creativity, and a new lease on life in the online world. What could be more exciting and liberating than that?

And with that, we have our life jackets on and oars at the ready. Our maiden voyage starts now. We may broach difficult waters along the way, but the priceless elements we’ll harness throughout the journey will be more than worth it.

Aoife Carney Social Content Manager