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Creating a Fusion of Specialisms

Published on 1st September 2019

I once read somewhere that introspection is the doorway to wisdom. You’ve got to hit the metaphorical pause button once in a while and look inwards, to properly evaluate who you were, who you are now, and crucially, who you want to be. For a collective of creatives, self reflection isn’t always the default modus operandi.  We’re hardwired to create transformational solutions for others, to think outwards, vicariously putting ourselves in the mindsets of consumers, clients and stakeholders.  Anticipating needs, staying ahead of the curve, stretching for the juiciest of ideas in the high branches of the imagination tree.  So the prospect of seizing the opportunity to reimagine who we are as an agency of people was both exciting and challenging in equal measures.  But for us, it was time.

Our story started almost three decades ago, as the go-to specialist Shopper Marketing agency across the island of Ireland.  As the shopper-scape evolved to become an omni-channel brave new world, we adapted.  The shopper journey became more multifaceted and we grew the team and developed the skillsets to connect with shoppers across all the ‘moments of truth’ along, and beyond, the path to purchase.  And along the way we developed more than just the skills and knowledge, we developed a can-do, positive problem-solving culture that truly resonated with clients.  A partnership approach that we nurture in our people to this day (check out our culture page for more on this).

As the digital age segued into the data age, it was time to rethink how we define what we do for the brands we work with.  Brands who need joined up solutions as opposed to singular outputs like creative and digital.  After all, when digital media isn’t creative it can’t properly tell the full brand story, and when creative outputs aren’t digitally focussed, they miss the opportunity to properly connect with audiences.  And brands need something beyond simply integrated outputs, they need a Fusion of the best specialisms, expertise and approach to succeed, and we have the people to make this happen.

So, after much strategising, many workshops, and copious amounts of coffee, cue MXB reimagined as a Fusion of Specialisms.  Our unique brand of Fusion happens when we combine the expertise and skills of a cutting-edge digital team, the inspiration and vision of a globally focussed creative team, with a can-do partnership approach.  All informed by research, data and strategy.  It’s more than a brand positioning, it permeates everything we do across the experiential lifespan of a client brief, end to end.

Today our agency continues to work with major FMCG brands like P&G, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company and Tayto Group.  Our legacy in Shopper Marketing enables us to take a unique approach to problem solving, from the shopper up.  It’s something we’re proud to take with us as we move forward as a reimagined agency, turbo charged and ready for fresh challenges and new opportunities.  With a striking new visual identity and website to boot.  Turns out introspection might be the doorway to wisdom after all.